Official Website of Actor/Writer Chris Dotson


Things Chris Dotson has accomplished.


He’s a Sagittarius

He’s been to Mexico twice, and Seattle once

Did a commercial with Chuck Norris

Won a comedy contest at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis once

Has written two novels, and is working on a third

Probably won some award in elementary school he’s forgotten about

Really good at parallel parking

Saw the movie Toy Story in theatres

He’s a SAG/AFTRA actor

Really good at dusting things, especially bookshelves

Really good at listening to people whistle

Has decent breath, and flosses regularly

Worked with Cameron Crowe once

Has not worked with David Lynch, but does an impression of him.

Has worn contacts

Really accomplished cat owner

Thought about running a marathon once

Lives within walking distance of two different grocery stores




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