Official Website of Actor/Writer Chris Dotson


Chris Dotson is an actor,

writer, and cat owner.

As you can see, he’s terrible

at designing websites.

This is what Chris Dotson looks like in a purple sweater.

This is what Chris Dotson looks like in a purple sweater.

Chris Dotson has been kicking butt and taking names in Hollywood since after he could walk. He’s never once been late on a rent payment, and he hasn’t received a parking ticket in nearly sixteen years. There’s no question the guy’s a pro. He’s originally from Minnesota, which is a state he loves, and he currently resides in Los Angeles, which is a city he loves. He loves insanely cold winters and he also loves smog and terrible traffic. He loves beaches and The Coen Brothers. He won’t go so far as to say he loves earthquakes or mosquitos, but he has appeared in numerous TV shows over the years, all kinds of commercials, and has a bit of a cult following (ten people) on YouTube for his David Lynch impression. You could do a lot worse than casting this guy in your project or reading one of his books because he also self-publishes novels and sells them on Amazon. Two of the books he’s written are called EAT WITH CAUTION and THE LUMBERJERK. Buy them and read them. They will change your life. Here’s to Chris Dotson, whoever the hell he is.